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Scotia sea keeping us busy

Good evening,

POS:  57*17,1 S 035*12,6 W
COG:  207
SOG:  3.7 kts
WND:  WNW 4-5 bft
SEA:  3.5 meter
Water Temp: 2.4
Outside temp: 2

The Scotia sea is keeping us busy. The morning of the 6th we woke up in Moltke Hbr. Started the landing at 8:30. A good hour later I asked Jordi to come back to the ship. There had been two gusts with 38 kts and been in Moltke before that told me to be careful. After everybody was back on board we hoisted blacky and grey on to the deck and the gusts started to come in frequently. `

The anchor had been dragging a bit already, but now we really moved. Whilst starting to prepare for sea, we also hove anchor. Halfway the gusts picked up to well over 40 knots. With two shackles left we moved away from the anchor site into deeper water. Once the anchor was home we were clear of any possible danger. A good call. 

Then we drifted a couple of hours in Royal bay to prepare for sea. Stowing, securing, nets, safety lines...all ready at departure after lunch. Back at sea.

The first day with decreasing wind. The 7th brought some wind shifts. We wore ship 4 time in a eventually gain 76.8 meters in the right direction in a six hour watch.

Last night was very squally. Lots of wind, rain, snow, hail...and eventually icebergs. It's clear, we are in Antarctic waters. Since this morning the course is finally a bit more to the west so we're making way into the right direction.

At present moment we are waiting for the wind 
to back to the south. Then we'll be able to sail due west hopefully for 
at least half a day.

All is well.

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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