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Setting foot on Antarctica

One of my biggest travel dreams came true today. I set foot on Antarctica.

One of my biggest travel dreams came true today. I set foot on Antarctica. We anchored near Barrientos Island, one of the Aitcho Islands. Everywhere around the ship, I saw penguins jumping out of the
water. I couldn’t contain my elation. I was like a child brimming with excitement. When the dinghies took us ashore and I came face to face with Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins, I took hundreds of photos and
videos. I wanted to capture every second of the experience.

In one video, a Chinstrap penguin gets up close and personal. I’ve taken a lot of selfies during my travels but this is the first with a penguin and the first on Antarctica.

The crew on the ship keep telling us that each day gets better than the one before but I find it so difficult to believe. How could it get better than today? What beauty awaits tomorrow? We set sail again at 4 am so I guess I’ll find out soon.

Written by:
Lesley Carter | Trainee



Greetings to our friends Uli and Gernot from Austria.

Karin   |  24-01-2015 16:07 uur

Love this! We all miss and love you Lesley! So glad you're having the time of your life, experiencing new things, and even taking selfies with penguins. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing footage you've shot and the stories you'll tell us. Stay safe, and cherish every moment aboard (and onshore)!

Darren  |  23-01-2015 18:06 uur

Sorry for offtopic, but as I was told this is the only way how to post here:) Is anyone coming to Ushuaia for the journey starting 3.2. already on the weekend before? I was thinking about sharing a room as the price is the same for 1 or 2 and optionally a trip around? And of course, thanks Lesley for the hot news, I'm looking forward to experience it very soon :)

Pavel  |  22-01-2015 11:19 uur

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