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We have been at sea now already for a few weeks. The first days the main themes are getting to know the ship and getting to know each other. For me personally, it was a difficult week. I love to be around people but just after we departed an injury, a small injury, kept me confined to my bunk and cabin floor.

When injured, whether on board or at home, it is a struggle to accept we cannot do everything we want to. Time on board for me is always a big learning experience, a big journey into myself. Triggered by being alone, but continued by talking to people on board, listening to their insights and learning from their wisdom. 

We all go through a process. Since I am out of bed, I had the most amazing conversations with others on board who have gone through similar things, or most of them, worse. Their experiences helped bring things into perspective. It helped shift my thoughts to gratefulness for the fast recovery. 

There are so many stories amongst us, many so personal you won’t ever know unless it comes up. When I was slowly making my way across the ship again, people would come and share their stories. Giving support, letting me know it will be better, and sharing what they had learned. 

Something that started as a lonely process suddenly evolved into a deeply social process where pain and frustration are shared. Where friendships are beginning to form.

Written by:
Marretje Adriaanse | Guide



I love to read about your journeys, and even more, about your experiences that shape you as a person. I can't wait to see you again and hear all the stories and moments of joy or sadness. I miss you ☺️❤️

Lidwine  |  16-06-2024 16:02 uur

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