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Sirius 2009 - 2021

Today, we had to say “Vaar-wel” to our beloved friend & EUROPA shipsdog, SIRIUS. His Life was:Sailing across Oceans. Visiting many ports. Doubling the Horn. Meeting Poseidon. Swimming in the deep blue with voyage crew from all over the world. Giving his love and attention to people and especially children.His favoured hobby: spotting Whales & Dolphins. He had a good life. He was send from heaven to please many of us and will be remembered as the brightest Star. Now, traveling back to Canis Major and join Orion’s side again. And when we will have a clear night, his remembrance will flicker fiercely upon us. Klaas & Marianne

Written by:
Klaas & Marianne | Captain & Cook



Sterkte Klaas en Marianne. Zo'n bijzondere hond zal een lege plek achterlaten, maar ook weer vol van mooie herinneringen. Mijn herinnering aan zwemmen met Sirius was tijdens tallship races 2018 van Stavanger naar Harlingen. Tijdens een prachtige zonsopgang boven Vlieland kon hij niet wachten om met ons in het water te springen. Geweldig. Share the good moments. Het ga jullie goed.

Jetty  |  11-06-2021 14:49 uur

He was a friendly puppy when I traveled with him in 2010. He loved a good neck scratch, but he was no one persons dog....he was very independent! I had the opportunity as a watch hand to clean up a few piles of poo in my travels with him. I do remember one event clearly... he went swimming with the crew while we were in the doldrums in the mid Atlantic. He was on a loose leash... a 15 meter rope!!! We all enjoyed his antics. Farewell good friend!

Gary Kirkpatrick  |  13-05-2021 14:05 uur

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