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Slumber party on Deck

It is 09h00 in the morning. Ships time that is, only the sun knows the exact time. I just got bakc from look-out looking for ships, icebergs and floating containers.

The only thing I saw was a bird and it is now camping somewhere in the fore mast. This may sound as a regular thing, howeve the whole crew came to see the bird: as we are in the middle of the ocean right now this is a big event. Nothing much else happens. Slowly we bob towards Brazil and as soon as we are bobbing backwards the Captain starts the engines. As soon as we gain a little speed again a light wind cools the ships decks a little bit. This way we will make sure we get to that promised beach and caprinhas. Still i think a lot about Mr Columbus and his crew. They had to wait and wait for the next breeze and under circumstances far from luxury. 


The seawater is around 30 degrees celsius and the cabins are as hot as sauna's. Usually there is air conditioning on board but unfortunately it broke down. Trevor the engineer had ordered the spare parts for the ship in Las Palmas, however the right goods never arrived in time. So now we only have a bunch of frisbee looking parts useless for the airco. Next to that you cannot frisbee with it either: too much lines and masts on deck!

Becasue of the heat in the cabins we sleep outside. Last night I slept on the foredeck: a perfect spot, however i am going to move now because of the bird camping on the mast. I do not have a lot of nautical experience, but i would not park my car under a tree full of birds. I suppose the sloopdeck will be crowded tonight, lying under the sails avoiding any risk on bird poo. Lying there side by side under the stars. That brings us right back with Columbus !

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