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So, what do we do during these 1500nM?

So, what do we do during these 1500nM?

Well, one major thing is of course, to sail! Voyage crew are divided into three watches, each covering 4 or daytime 6, hours at a time, all of the 24 hours. The watches are named after the colours in the Dutch flag. Sail handling, that is setting or striking sails or bracing (correct the angle of the yards towards the wind) depending on wind speed and direction. Look out on the bow, taking turns at the helm. And then, of course, sleep and eat. Eating can be an interesting business when the ship is in it's merriest motion mood, but some days we have also enjoyed lunch on deck in the sun! Sleeping is another item that keeps people talking almost as vivid as over the weather at home! (This last statement about the weather goes at least for "home" being Sweden or Great Britain, perhaps not Australia or New Zeeland...).

Some nights our generous captain has given us time off, so I do really not complain. We also have regular lectures, or "talks" almost every day. Previous our guides (Jordi and Sarah) and permanent crew have been responsible for most of the talks, and given us much knowledge of different matters concerning wildlife, geography and history of the areas we have visited, but this last week the voyage crew has taken over. In all these people who stumble and slip in the moving, wet deck, pull the wrong ropes, steer out of course, looking like question marks ever so often, there are a lot of other skills hidden. So we have, also after the "staff" have handed over the task, had many interesting discussions and facts circulating in the deckhouse. And so it will continue until we reach Cape Town.

Some days (we are on our 7th day out from Tristan da Cunha with approx 550 Nm to go) still remains of admiring the sea, waves, water, birds, light, moon, the staff, each other... but I really would like also to have a close look at a whale! (Not too close, though...). We'll see.


Välkommen hem Karin !!!!! Vi har hållit ställningarna och är nyfikna på att höra om ditt äventyr Kramar Anne och Enoch Thulins Vuxenutbildning

anne  |  27-04-2016 13:45 uur

Låter härligt! Vi sitter på ovanvåningen och blickar över Asperö sund :) Längtar tills ni kommer hit!! Kram

Anniella  |  22-04-2016 19:53 uur

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