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South Georgia, here we come!

Good evening,

POS:  50*33,6 S 046*24,0 W
COG:  125
SOG:  6.2 kts
WND:  W 5 bft
SEA:  1 meter
SWL:  W'ly 3 meter
Water temp: 6.6
Air temp: 7

We're being spoiled. Another morning wake up by sunshine. When you look outside it could be that we're sailing in the tropics. But...once you step outside it is clear that we are on another part of the globe. Today was the first day that the air really felt colder. Even the still present warmth of the sun could not mask it. We can feel the typical pinches that accompany approaching Antarctic waters. Biggest reason for that is the drop of water temperature. From 11 yesterday to 6.6 now. Soon we'll be sailing into the convergence zone and official enter Antarctic waters.

People on board therefore slowly grow in size. Not only because of the good food. It's the layering up. Building layers of clothing is the best way to keep yourself warm standing at lookout or steering for half an hour. Even the permanent crew comes up on deck, dressed being used to the warm temperatures of the last days, and having to go down again to get some more warm clothing. It has begun...South Georgia, here we come!

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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