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We have passed the equator and left the Doldrums, or better called the ITCZ, behind us. We did not really have long periods of no wind, just light winds but we did have plenty of rain in heavy squalls. After passing the equator traditionally Neptune pays us a visit together with his wife and his sons. Not much I can tell about, Neptune does not allow it.

Already before the equator we meet the south-easterly Trade winds and on a closed hauled PT-tack, we sail towards Brazil. For our helmsman a challenge to sail as close to the wind as possible to make sure we become south enough and making sure the wind will back more and more east. If you keep a too much of a westerly course, you'll end up on the Northern part of the Brazilian coast. Probably nice but not where we need to go.

By now we have passed a 100 mile east of Fernando de Noronha and the wind has backed enough to stay clear of the coast of Brazil.

All is well.

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