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Spicy sailing

Hello all,

POS:  59*26,9 S 065*41,7 W
COG:  355
SOG:  6.2
WND: W 5 bft

In the Drake passage. Day 3. Earlier today we managed to sail for almost 12 hours, but in the end the course was pointing to South Georgia. A nice destination, but not for now. The day started nice and sunny. 

Unfortunately, with the wind-shift also the rain reappeared. We took 
down the sails and started our yellow friends again. Just now in this evening watch we did set most of the squares and staysails again. 

Thinking ahead with the idea that if you set the sails already, the wind will back as well :-) The engines are running, but it won't take long anymore.

In the morning the movement of the ship was nice and smooth, even though the swell was still big. While under engines we pitch way more into the seas and it feels uncomfortable for some on board. Even the bucket of sambal in the drystores didn't like it anymore and decided to open itself up. Of course we have stuff flying around the ship way more often...but 7,5 liters of sambal all over the place is even on Europa quite special. The people cleaning it have really spiced up their life tonight!


Photo by Jordi Plana Morales

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



In kleinen Schälchen als Würzbeilage sollte es genossen werden, oh je der Wind nimmt wenig Rücksicht auf Euch, begleitet Euch weiter und wenn ich es übersetze ist die Natur "wild begeistert" von Eurem Tun. Emotionen lassen sich nicht immer steuern, auch hier nicht😍

Gisela  |  17-01-2023 09:57 uur

Een pittig vloertje in de keuken om niet te zeggen heet. Voetjes van de vloer.

Hilde  |  16-01-2023 21:56 uur

Van ijskoud naar spixy hot, niets is te gek, jullie maken van alles mee. De sambalbaders zullen het nog dagen ruiken.

Inez  |  16-01-2023 13:23 uur

Wat is het toch prachtig. Ik geniet van de verhalen en de foto,s

margriet  |  16-01-2023 12:00 uur

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