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Still in the DOLDRUMS

Posrep 04 Jun 2022 EUROPA    

SATURDAY 4th of June 2022  12.00 Ships time = Gmt. 
Still in the DOLDRUMS, 9 days Out from Ascension 
06-56N : 027-06W COG = Variable trying to get Northwest  

Wind Variable- from Northerly less then 2 Bfrt. 

Spectacular Tropical showers with thunder and rainbows. 

Confused Swell 

Running on engine from yesterday 17:00 until 11:30 this morning. 

Yesterday afternoon  we sailed slowly but at 16:00 the Easterly winds gave up.
We took the chance to call for a swimming session and that was a treat even in the water of nearly 30 degrees.

The humidity in this Low pressure area is very high so the Ocean works refreshing.
We did not even scare the small fish away that where swimming with us in the shadow of our hull.

We lost those when we started our engine an hour later to find a way out of the Doldrums. 

In the early morning we lost also the Equatorial Counter Current and with that the huge trails and fields of Sargassum weed.  

It looks that just now at 12:00 the Northern hemisphere wind is coming through , it’s from the North but we hope it will gradually change into a good NE-erly trade wind. Engine is stopped and hoisting our canvass again. 

Done   24 hrs     89 in 347° =  3,7 kts  Average 

Done 217 hrs  1.253,5M =   5,8 kts  Average,   

Alles Wel 


Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA



Geweldig Klaas. JALOERS.

margriet  |  10-06-2022 10:55 uur

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