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Sunday at Sea

While doing long ocean crossings you come into a rhythm of waking up, rush towards your meal, whatever it may be: Breakfast, lunch, dinner or just have a coffee and start your watch. Obviously your watch is filled with, if necessary, sail handling, maintenance, cleaning, assisting galley and other thousands of jobs to be done. For sure we do a coffee break in between and than we continue.

So sometimes, when weather and captain permits, we try to do a Sunday at sea. A break in the routine. Of course we still need to do sail handling and the galley always continues but with a little team effort it is possible to sit on deck and do whatever you want to do. Even the cook has been sighted on deck and had a moment for herself.

All is well.



Blik op oneindig...., rust...!

Dieuwertje  |  06-11-2016 00:03 uur

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