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We have just all returned from our visit to Tristan da Cunha around 5PM. Being in the cabin I suddenly hear “man overboard” - my heart skipped a
beat – followed by a splash and laughter (opposite to a MOB alarm). 

Full of surprises even after 40 days

I get to the main deck and I see few people jumping from the ship or just swimming around. Water temperature is about 18C, sunset is just about to happen – you won`t get much better setting than this. Well there is nothing to wait for – one small step and I am in the water as well. Chilly (or fresh one would say) at first, but you get quickly used to it. But the biggest fun is jumping from the bowsprit of our boat. You get to see this stuff happening in sailing movies from Caribbean so it is surely something we must try ourselves as a part of our Antarctica – ocean crossing trip.

When you go to the fore deck water doesn’t seem to be so far below, however as you get to the net, things change :) and with the swell bowsprit just keeps rocking up and down. It takes some time for me to convince myself to jump, but after some cheering from the fellow jumpers I too take the leap of faith and jump. 3-2-1-splash. We are about forty days into our voyage little less then two weeks to go and we still get new things to taste, see and experience. I can wait what the next days
hold for us.

Written by:
Adam | Trainee

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