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White water team

At 6.40 I am sitting in the deckhouse doing one of the my last dog shifts.

Huge waves are coming over the side of the ship, what a great feeling and such a spectacle. In the corner of my eyes I see team mate  Andrea, our opera singer from Italy who did sing two nights ago parts of Ave Maria and  Figaro, turning pale now.  Quickly he is going outside. I decided to accompany him. Andrea was hanging over the site , and suddenly a big wave caught him. Soaking wet he returned in the deckhouse.  He seemed . fully waked up , after this drink of sea water. A huge smile appeared on his face. We all began to laugh about it. Many other people where sick but "nevertheless" they take almost all shifts and they were grateful for this special 'Ride' on the Drake. It was an awesome experience. The waterthight doors are just closed now. I want to thank all my team mates for the great spirit during this very special trip.

editor comment: this is the final picture taken by Marcel's camera before it got swallowed during a 45 knot squall by the Niagara falls on starboard main deck...

Written by:
Marcel | Trainee

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