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The atmosphere on board is good!

Good evening,

POS:  48*02,1 S 053*16,0 W
COG:  120
SOG:  5.1 kts
WND:  WSW 4 bft
SEA:  1.0 meter
SWL:  SW'ly 2.5 meter
Water temp: 9.5
Air temp: 9.8

Hi all,

Waking up all curled up against the side of your bunk, or if less lucky almost falling out, that has been a while. Around 3 am the promised wind reached us with 45 knots. We prepared already, so nothing unexpected. After a bit of bracing the ship got back on track with around 8 knots. The sun was out all day and made it into a perfect sailing day. Beautiful blue water and sky at the same time. Seabirds riding the wind. Jordi and lots of VC taking pictures. Some of us caught a wave and got a "bit" wet...but that is part of the deal! Good practice for what is to come and always good for a laugh by the ones watching and not hit. By the end of the day the wind decreased and now, a couple of hours later, the sea-state calms down as well. We're about to set the royals after our evening coffee time and brace a bit as well.

The atmosphere on board is good! People are enjoying the sailing and all that's around; lectures of guides, lectures of the crew, the food and each others company.

Groetjes, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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