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The Beagle Channel

Hello all,

POS:  55*05,5 S 066*32,4 W
COG:  300
SOG:  4.1
WND:  NW 5 bft

The Beagle Channel. We could smell it before we could see it. With a NW 
wind the smell off the trees came to us over the sea. That sea that 
calmed down quite a lot during the morning and afternoon. Till mid day 
we sailed with everything set. Then as predicted, quite sudden the wind 
changed to the NNW and decreased. The sailing party was over. We dropped 
all and furled everything. With the two underwatersails the last bit of 
our Drake crossing started. This all was nice in time before the NW 40 
knots predicted hit the Horn. But it was a beautiful stretch of sailing 
that we did this crossing.
Now we're on our way to the pilot station. The VC mostly has gone to 
bed. A few enjoy the first dark night in a while together with all the 
lights of the Beagle and the other ships that are around. We'll drop 
anchor at the pilot station to receive the pilot at 11 in the morning.
All of a sudden life on board has gotten easy again. In the galley 
everything stayed at its place, the evening cleaning went super smooth, 
cups are staying on the table, showering doesn't require acrobatic 
skills anymore and all the features to fold you bunk into "taco shape" 
to not fall out can be taken away. Slowly back to a stable land life.
But first still a couple of days to spend in the Beagle, a nice last 
treat to look forward to.

Groetjes, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



Dank je wel Janke voor alle blogspot die je geschreven hebt. Zo konden we de reis een beetje meebeleven. Wij gaan nu verder met de belevenissen van Irene. Volle bak genoten!

Henriette  |  24-01-2023 16:49 uur

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