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The bible for square rigger captains

TUESDAY 14TH of June 2022,  12.00 Ships time = Gmt. 

NE Tradewinds 

19 days Out from Ascension 

26°-17'N : 041°-21' 

Course= -340 -Full & By,SB-tack, Speed; around the6 KTS 

Wind =NEbyE 3 to  4.  Seawater 25,1° Celsius 

Our course is more NW-erly than we prefer but we have to take it as it comes. 

The reason is, that the centre of the High pressuresystem (1027hPa) is still situated Northwest of us and is just slowly moving to the East passing our bow. If that happens the winds will veer and we can shape our course also more to the East. 

According to the bible for square rigger captains that sail the oceans, the  “Ocean Passages for the World, we should only steer for the Azores after we pass the 30° latitude, so we still carrying on a little more to the North.  

One remark has to be made on this book, you need to have the 1973 (third) edition, or even an earlier one, to find the sailing routes in there. The modern fleet is not using these long but green routes, they use the shorter but more fuel consuming routes. Denying winds and current systems. 

Done  24hrs  =161 in341°6,7kts  Average, 

Done 457 hrs= 2.726,5=   6,0kts  Average,   

Horta:  976M in Bearing 041° 

Alles Wel 


Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA



Ik ben weer helemaal bij. Hug for Boreas.

margriet  |  15-06-2022 15:24 uur

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