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The blue planet

SUNDAY 28Th of May 12:00 Ships-time (UTC)
03-54S : 020-11W
Course 310 degr, speed around 6 kts. Wind mostly on the SB quarter.

In the night the wind dropped a little but in the daytime she is back to a proper 4 Beaufort.
Once in a while we receive a refreshing little shower.

All squares + 3 stuns'ls on SB. Spanker + Gafftopsail and Outer Jib are set all the time, the only thing that changes are the staysails on the Mizzen sometimes up sometimes down.
It is the 3rd day that we make exactly 138M in our daily run.

Maybe I should mention that we saw other human life last night, another ship, most likely a fishing boat, in a distance.
This voyage is really good to make people realize why our earth is called the blue planet.
We see an overwhelming amount of blue in this crossing.

Today people can sign in for the exact time & date when EUROPA will cross the Line.

Mates & Captain are disqualified for this competition as you can understand.

Done 24hrs 138M = 5,8 kts average
Done 73hrs 420.5M = 5,8 kts average
ToGo to the LINE 407M

Alles Wel

Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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