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The cake beneath the cherry

Hello all,

POS:  65*49,3 S 63*28.87 W
COG:  At Anchor at Port Lockroy.
SOG:  0
WND:  NW 0 - 1 bft

Every day.
At the end of the night watch
I sit and contemplate the day and think what to write about.
So many practical great things again.
like today for example

- A Lovely breakfast with french toast - cruise along the glaciers - Whales playing around the ship while drifting - Maneuvering through the ice - The Crispy sound of the ice - A Sea leopard at an Iceberg - lunch with Cauliflower soup - The Landing at Conners - More Cliffs - whales - Seals - Penguins - Lemaire Channel South to North - fabulous Dinner and finally Port Lockroy anchorage.

Those are them great experiences we can easily explain.

But what is the cake beneath this Cherry.

It are the warm 'good mornings' when you just wake up - The smell of freshly baked bread - the smile of the chef - the ambiance of the vessel - the laughter in the deckhouse - the laughter on deck -  the porridge - An eyebrow being lifted - some first early jokes - The color of an outfit - the combination of outfits - The amount of outfit someone can
wear at the same time - a little dance on deck - Stories being told - The messages of the office - the messages of friends - a joke of Dan - The devotion of all the crew - The passion of the crew -  The pleasure of everyone - A tender with happy faces - The overwhelming nature - the overwhelming enjoyment you can see in the eyes everywhere when they
experience this overwhelming nature - The joy of a whale that appears - The joy of a whale that spouts - The intense smell of a whale when she spouts - everyone running from port to starboard to catch the whale on camera - and back to port again - the smell of Penguins - Voyage crew hoisting the tender together - A cup of tea - The teasing - The love -
The smiles - Fantasies - philosophies - The sunset - The cloud over the high hill - laughter again - The happy noise of your fellow sailors - The wind in the rig - The yellow of the deckhouse - the books in the library - The dreaming away - and the absence of time and necessity.

And Then Tea time with my watch in the middle of the night.
A moment where we sit in the deckhouse
A moment where always a story gets told.
So relaxed and appreciated.
Every day we get to know each other a bit better.
Crew, Voyage crew, Antarctica, Time and necessity.

Such a treasure.

The bark Europa and all that are connected can be proud of this unique world the create(d) And I am very proud to be part of it.

Another day to remember.

Sleep well and good morning

Written by:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain

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