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The dog watch poem

The mist surrounds us as we go ashore
Our last destination to explore
We wish we had just one day more!
Penguins and seals greet us as we arrive,
Antarctica is very much alive

Hiking higher and higher thru the mist
We are suddenly treated to a sunny glacial rift
Off the distance our three mast ship calls
As we ease our way back avoiding stumbles and falls

We unfurl the sails, make ready the ship
For it's time to cross the Drake at a nice steady clip
Now the passage is clear, the night is aglow
As the full moon leads us the way home

And then sailing the Drake, trying to stay awake
One o'clock in the night, course 345o
Smell of fresh bread keeps us alive
Under our arm the yellow bucket awaits
For some of us, as we cross the unforgiving drake

Dreaming of all the wonders of nature
Penguins, whales and calving glaciers
The waves of Drake are sharp and high
As we wave Antarctica goodbye

Written by:
Dogwatch | Antarctic explorers

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