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The great pinrail chase

MONDAY 23rd of May 12:00 Ships-time (UTC)
08-20S : 014-06W, Underway Sailing.

The hills and the green mountain of Ascension are clearly on our horizon.

Last night the wind came from all the different points of the Compass.
Lots of rainwater flushed our decks and we sailed even a complete circle with the ever changing winds but it didn't bring us a lot closer to Ascension.
This morning the sun came out again and she is from the South-Southeast and keep us busy with bracing and setting and dowsing stay-sails.
We are making around 2 knots at the moment

Yesterday afternoon we had the great-pinrail-chase going on.
Fierce competition and all the crew put all their knowledge, speed and strength in the game so the bosun had to decide that it was a tie for the Red-White & Blue watch and that the permanent crew lost.
Of course they complained that their handicap was far to heavy but the reverie made his decision. point.

Water temp 28 degr Celsius and we are catching some Mai-Mai at the moment, slow speed is good for fishing.

Done 24hrs = 97M = 4,0 kts in 310 degr.
Done 114hrs = 675M = 5,9 kts
ToGo = 31M to Ascension

ETA Ascension... Probably Later

Alles Wel

Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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