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The Ice Cream of Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan is indeed an interesting place.

sweet sprinkle

To reinforce this opinion I would like to share with you an observational study , or story if you like. An interesting feature of the freezer section of the Tristan supermarket was the complete absence of ice cream on a stick, or coated in chocolate or indeed stuck between two biscuits. Actually nothing except large bulk
containers. Notably vanilla, rainbow and chocolate mint of the species. Or in this case, variety, as they have been known to interbreed successfully. With the addition of a sweet sprinkle, or maybe a little fruit such crosses have created sub species or groups or deserts.

democratic process

However I seem to have got off track here, so let us return to the original problem. The sad fact before us was the lack of an individual serve. Could this again be down to those pesky Russians. Not only the whales, the sheep and the geese but also the paddlepops. In an attempt to rectify this difficult and dangerous state of affairs, Laurie, Rod and I set about to take the situation in hand. Actually I just wandered about as if lost. However, Rod, went straight to work. Applying those skills learnt managing cyclones in northern Australia, he quickly secured the services of four bright shiny spoons. Laurie put his "local" know-how to good use, finding a pack of well-priced paper plates. I use "local" here in a general way, what’s a few 1000 miles.

We then had only to apply the democratic process and quickly settled on choc/mint in the two litre variety. A brief discussion of exchange rates then followed, and it was decided US dollars were most appropriate in this case. More specifically and importantly, Laurie's US dollars. Thus the problem was solved to everyone’s satisfaction, including a few free loaders and a bird. Please see accompanying photo.

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