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Theatre in two acts


POS:  03'06 S  032'42 W
CRS:  210'
SPD:  4.6kts motorsailing
WND:  SE 4bft
SEA:  Slight
SWL:  SE moderate


Today we had theatre in two acts. The first started at 1400 with locking all Pollywogs inside and prepare the baptise.

Sarah had to proclaim her love for flying fish (and kiss it), Clara making a turkish knot out of spaghetti, Cecile eat "Pourage" (porridge, but different) and Rudi "doing dishes" after being over a week unusefull as Hobytwo.

The latter prepared "a gift" for Neptune  in the form of theatre and songs. This was act two around 2000. Best Neptune ever, Mkize.

Sailingwise not much news. Too southerly to sail full, hence motorsail. Tomorrow we will drop anchor on the roads of Ilha Fernando de Noronha for a swimstop. Shoreleave not known yet. Later in the day we will set sail, as finally the forecast mentions East by southeast wind.

Rgds, Arian

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