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Things that are awesome

So it's almost a week into my 1st crack at sailing & I'm enjoying it far more than I expected. I still have to pinch myself every time I look up at the masts to see the huge sails of a tall ship before me. This really is living the dream!!!

Things that are awesome

Taking the helm, getting a feel for steering the ship, the friendly vibe, seeing a squall quickly blow in from over the horizon and climbing the rigging. 

Things I appreciate

Info sessions on rope handling, sail setting practice etc., being so well fed, the great explanations to my many questions and the brilliant ships library.

Things that are less appreciated

Seasickness, losing my lunch several times over the side. Things must have been desperate for me to slip a suppository to quell the seasickness. Not very dignified but at least it turned the tide! Walking like a deranged crab. Hopefully my sealegs get found soon. 

I can't think of a better setting for

Watching the endless ocean & reflecting upon what has brought me here and staring into the bright night sky & wishing for what is yet to come.


Written by:
Simon | Trainee

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