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Today at False Bay

Hello all,

POS:  62*42 S 060*22 W
COG:  Var, At Anchor in False Bay
SOG:  0
WND:  N 1 bft

I can hear the wind fall down the Glacier in False Bay at Livingston Island.
The light night has fallen and we are at anchor.

the guest had a long expedition at Walkers Bay. There was a lot of different Wildlife.
I could see the voyage crew sharpen their pencils and tick of many of their boxes.

It was a wet day and a grey day, even a cold and windy day.

But a gorgeous day for the Antarctic. You could see the Glaciers merge with the skies held down by rocks and steep cliffs.
Small young clouds slide and play along the ice and birds use the wind to almost touch the wave tops with their huge wings. A magic Scenery.

We were not able to make a Landing at Elephant point due to the weather.

A good excuse to explore the Hurd Peninsula and the Glaciers of False Bay.

Our Anchorage is like a love story where a high Dramatic Granite Column is embraced by a keen Glacier with their feet in the water and their heads in the clouds.

The Voyage crew play Cards, look at their pictures, read books.
There is a spontaneous pub quiz and the bar is open.

A lovely way to end this day and to look forward to tomorrow

when we visit Deception island.

Good night
Sleep well

Groeten Fosse Fortuin

Written by:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain

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