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Update from the Drake

Hello again,

Position: 58-16S 063-46W
COG: 185T
SOG: 8.0KN

ETA South Shetland Islands: 13 MAR 2023 PM

With the high swell came a northwesterly wind that made it impossible to sail a direct course to our destination. Sailing dead downwind in big swell makes the ship roll heavily.

We decided to steer a more westerly course, so we could have some pressure in the fore- and aft sails. For those coming out in the Drake for the first time we had amazing conditions, with a nice wind, swells around us towering above the horizon and birds skimming the sunlit surface.

The swells are becoming more regular as we sail away from the waters around Cape Horn.

In the evening the wind turned more and more to the North, which made us decide to gybe and return to cross our plotted course line. In the early morning the wind swung to the West after the passage of a squall line, so now we are back on starboard tack and we are able to steer straight for our destination.

Photo by Arnoud Apituley

Written by:
Eric | Captain



Yes - great posts and photo. - I'm with you in spirit but very grateful not to have experienced those rolls and swells!

SUZANNE  |  14-03-2023 10:28 uur

These posts are amazing and allow us who are sitting at home to feel part of the adventure. Thank you!

MICHAEL  |  13-03-2023 20:01 uur

prachtige reis Eric.

margriet  |  13-03-2023 11:42 uur

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