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Important update from the ship

Dear Bark EUROPA Community,

We regret to inform you that an accident has occurred during the maintenance period in Cape Town, resulting in Bark EUROPA partly falling over while attempting to be placed back into the water from the drydocks.

We want to assure you that the safety and well-being of our crew and guests are our utmost priority. All crew members have safely left the ship, one sailor has been injured. He is currently in stable condition and receiving appropriate medical care.

The extent of the damage to the ship is still being assessed, and at this moment, we cannot determine the exact timeline for resuming our sailing operations. We want to assure you that our crew are working diligently to addressing and resolving the situation, to determine the necessary steps to move forward.

Please be assured that we are dedicated to getting our lady Bark EUROPA back to full operational capacity as soon as possible.

We will continue to provide updates via our media channels and are committed to maintaining transparency throughout this process.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during the upcoming period. Should you have any urgent concerns or inquiries, please reach out to our office team at

23/5 Update

Dear sailors,

We want to express our gratitude for all the kind words, support and understanding you have shown over the past weekend. The strength and unity of the Bark EUROPA community has been truly inspiring and we felt strengthened to keep our head high, weather this storm and navigate through troubled waters.

We want to give you an update on the current situation.

The injured sailor is receiving the necessary medical care and is doing well, given the circumstances. In the last days, hard work has been done to stabilize the ship and a thorough investigation has been started to determine the following steps to get our lady EUROPA sailing again.

Once again, we extend our sincere gratitude for your support and kind words. Your messages of encouragement have been a source of strength for the entire Bark EUROPA team. We are truly grateful to have such a remarkable community standing by our side.

We remain committed to keeping you informed through our social channels and website. Your continued support and understanding while we navigate through the upcoming period are deeply appreciated.

If you have any questions we kindly ask you to contact our officeteam at

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Team Bark EUROPA |



I look at the beauty every day from my office but it has not moved and still hanging sideways. Is there an update. It is so sad to see 😞

Toni  |  20-07-2023 23:17 uur

Hoping all is as well as can be. Can we have an update please.

C.L.Higgins  |  17-07-2023 13:37 uur

Had not checked on the Europa for several months!! I was wondering why she was in Cape Town for so long. Now I know. What a terrible ting to occur in dry dock. It is just not the year for tall ships and dry docks. The Picton-Castle was stuck in dry dock for 6 months starting in October of 2022 due to the dry dock wench failing. She had to wait until late April for a replacement part so the ship could be turned loose. She began a world circumnavigation on May 25th. Nice captains log on their web site with all the details. Would like to know more details of the repair process for the Europa.

Gary Kirkpatrick  |  16-06-2023 13:48 uur

Wishing you all the best for EUROPA and the injured sailor. I hope all goes well for the EUROPA and I cannot wait to see her sailing again. And wishing a speedy recovery for the injured sailor.

Ewan Lambrechts  |  12-06-2023 04:41 uur

Is there any news on the state of the ship? I really hope the damage is limited and especially that the structure is intact. Hope to see her sailing again soon.

Martijn  |  04-06-2023 15:10 uur

Goodness! First I google "Noorderlicht" to discover she'd run aground the day prior, and now I find Europa has come to grief in a shipyard! On her way down to splash no less, looking absolutely beautiful. What a disappointment that must've been for the crew.

Jensen  |  31-05-2023 20:46 uur

As a trainee of two voyages, I can only wish to see her back in her element as only she can sail. My best to the injured sailor and a heartful hope that she will soon be sailing again.

Myron Claridge  |  28-05-2023 00:07 uur

As a former Mariner, I can see how everyone is upset with this sad news especially the Crew members who see this fine vessel as their home from home. I wish the Crew member a speedy recovery and a rapid return to duty for the Bark EUROPA.

Brian Fawcett  |  26-05-2023 09:27 uur

what a sad news! Hopefully the one crew member will fully recover while Lady Bark Europa will sail sail in full glory the seas soon again!

Joost van Loon  |  25-05-2023 13:33 uur

What a tragedy - so soon after the pandemic drama. Hope you all - especially your injured crew member and the old lady - can get through this quickly. Best wishes for all.

Werner Kohtz  |  24-05-2023 09:03 uur

Bernie, Henry and I send our best for a full recovery to the Bark Europa! So sorry for the incident! We loved our time on her!!

Linda Grace Conrad  |  23-05-2023 18:20 uur


ATHANASIUS KALOGIORGIS GREECE  |  23-05-2023 17:33 uur

Zo verschrikkelijk. Wat ben ik bedroefd geweest. Hopenlijk gaat nu alles goed met de bemanning en de EUROPA.

margriet  |  22-05-2023 11:33 uur

So sorry to hear of the incident. Best wishes and fair winds to the crew and especially to the injured sailor.

Erik Warners  |  22-05-2023 04:48 uur

Praying for a swift recovery for sailor and ship!

Simon Fuller  |  21-05-2023 04:57 uur

Ooof, that’s not fun. Oh well, she’s a sturdy old girl, doubt anything major happened. We were dropped into the turning pit once and just got some dinged planks and broken glasses.

Henning Heinemann  |  20-05-2023 19:48 uur

So sad to hear of your tragedy. Haul outs are dangerous. Best wishes on recovery, for both ship and sailors.

Elizabeth Pidgeon   |  20-05-2023 18:45 uur

Praying for a speedy recovery for the Europa sailor. Fortunate that no others were injured. Best wishes for all.

Jason Huett  |  20-05-2023 14:23 uur

Schip in en uit het water halen: niet voor niets spannende momenten. Dit ziet er naar uit. Hopelijk valt de materiële schade mee. Sterkte en veel energie gewenst om er weer tegenaan te gaan plus beterschap voor de gewonde.

Marijke  |  20-05-2023 14:21 uur

Ziet er zo op t eerste aanblik minder erg uit dan in de media. Sterk schip; dus ff rechtzetten en plonzen.Ik elk geval heel veel sterkte en wijsheid gewenst voor jullie allen, vanuit holland.

karel koenen  |  20-05-2023 13:57 uur

So sorry to hear of this mishap to your beautiful ship. Best wishes to the injured crewman. Hope the damage to Europa isn't too bad and you are soon shipshape, all the best to you all

Ruth Barnes  |  20-05-2023 12:48 uur

Morning team EUROPA. So sorry to hear your news Sending you our best wishes for a speedy recovery for your crewman and your ship. Hope to see you back at sea soon! Captain and Crew, SV TENACIOUS

SV TENACIOUS  |  20-05-2023 12:36 uur

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