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We set all sails again

Hello all,

POS:    20* 04.9 S 136* 40.6 W         
SOG:    6.7
COG:    340
DTG:    631 NM to Marquesas
BT:      UTC -8

Today we finally found the North-easterly winds. In the morning we did set all sails again. It was the 4th time in a row that the 8-2 watch did set everything and that the 2-8 watch had to take the sails because the wind was completely gone or turned against us. So we sailed the whole morning but in the afternoon used the engines once more. At 20 this evening the wind shifted and picked up. Soon we switched off the engines and now we are still nice sailing. In opposite to the last days it is almost 2 o'clock and the wind just picked up even a bit more. Hopefully, this will last for the upcoming days. The forecast says so. So we just will believe it. 

Most of the people are back into the sea rhythm by now. The atmosphere is good and everybody is enjoying our voyage in these warm and pleasant surrounding!

Janke Kingma
Captain bark EUROPA

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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