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Good evening,

POS:  58*13,6 S 040*01,1 W
COG:  284
SOG:  3.8 kts
WND:  SSW 4-7 bft
SEA:  3 meter
Water Temp: 1.8
Outside temp: 0


We're wearing a lot these days.
We're wearing clothes. More and more layers. It got cold. I told you already before, but now it got even colder. And it started snowing on a regular basis.

Quite some snowsqualls let their snowy content loose on 
the deck. A beautiful sight. But you need to protect yourself from it by 
staying warm. As said, wearing clothes does a great deal. can also wear ship. A nice exercise to stay or get warm again. This maneuver we sailed already 6 times last couple of days. Of which two times at night. The tracks are visible on the website. The wind changed direction quite a bit. Sometimes all of a sudden, sometimes slowly.

Every time we took the courses, dropped Dekzwabber and Desmond 
and sometimes the Spanker. Then bracing all the way round, passing the headsails, setting the sails again and clearing the deck.

Nice work, it 
kept us busy.

So wearing; in both ways the best to warm up.

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



I am already looking forward to the next trip and see you in Ushuaia on 30 Dec.! This logbook is good for checking my luggage a second, third, fourth,... time :-)

Sabine  |  13-12-2022 12:32 uur

What a photo!!!! Checking for updates ALL THE TIME and appreciate every post - reading it over and over again!!! Thanx!!!

Hettie  |  13-12-2022 08:55 uur

wat een geweldige super foto. Dank je wel Janke.

margriet  |  12-12-2022 12:51 uur

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