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Well underway to the Gambier Islands

Hello all,

POS:    24º 26.8 S 133º 57.7 W         
SOG:    3.8
COG:    305
DTG:    96 NM to Mangareva
BT:      UTC -8

Well underway to the Gambier Islands. The wind is not really with us - either on the nose or very light air. So we are under engine now. Also, there seems to be quite a lot of current pushing us back from where we came. All in all, not the best sailing wise, but the atmosphere on board is good.

Yesterday we had a little visit from two fin whales. Now and then there are some birds flying by. The VC learned about Mangareva and pair dancing on the deck. And as it was Sunday, the newspaper came out with all the latest shipsnews. True or not, always nice to read. Today we had the first squalls in a while, a good sail lowering and setting practice for all. But now we took them all in during the watch because they were aback in the light headwinds.

Hopefully, we can set some sails again soon.

Janke Kingma

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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