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We're Sailing

Hello all,

POS: 57*06.89 S 66*36.77 W
COG: 355
SOG: 6 - 8
WND: E 4-6

You can imagine what we are up to today.
All sails up including the Royals.

Everyone is in a very cheerful mood.
Pretty logic
The sun comes out at times
The sails are full and round.
In a straight line, we sail towards Cape Horn for the morning.

Taco, Cato, and Ines Keep us well fed.

Terry is taking care of everything everywhere with a smile.

Cri, Ayla, and Mattias climb the rig like a walk in the park.
Brian the Bosun tunes the orchestra with a spark

Setting the Royals
bracing with a twist
and down below to help in the Galley.

The other watch takes over.
Hans Eases a point on the braces.
The wind picked up in the afternoon.
Clara, Nadia, and Lex climb the rig with the Voyage Crew.
Away with those Royals for a minute.
The wind dies a bit later
Set those Royals again.
They're having a great time.

The guides Beth, Mafu, Vicky, and Laura pull the lines
and jump quickly back to the library to finalize their Storybook of

I wake up for my watch
Try to understand the dream I just finished
and hear the running of the shaft. It tells me the speed we're doing.
I read a few lines of an adventurous book.

Time to get up
Time to place myself Tactfully against the wall.
Put on the Smartwoolen socks.
Wait for the next wave
My sweater
Another wave
a Shoe and onwards.

Fully dressed and cheerful I leave the Cabin.
We're sailing.
Let's have a look at the Galley.
A nice hot Pasta and Chocolate desert.

To the bridge.
Hans looks very happy
We're Sailing
Terry looks happy
We're Sailing
and engineer Mkize is enjoying the view
We're sailing while his engines sleep.
He looks happy as well.

The evening falls.
Amelke opens the bar and takes care of everything at the Bark at the
same time while also she spoils her small brother (me).
I am happy

The night falls
The winds Veers a bit and picks up with a few knots.
Away with them Royals again.
An incredible day.
Tomorrow we say
Let's play


Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

Fosse and Bark Europa Crew

Written by:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain



A beautiful smile I felt in my heart by reading your story Fosse. Thank you and all the best for the beautiful crew.

Lidy Scholten   |  15-03-2024 19:26 uur

Beautiful Bark Europa haiku! Thank you Fosse!

Gelu  |  14-03-2024 00:30 uur

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