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What a cracker


POS:  42'46.0S  63'31.6W  5nm East of Punta Delgada (pens'l Valdes)
CRS:  180'
SPD:  3 kts
WND:  NE 4bft
SEA:  Smooth
SWL:  None

This morning at around 11:30hr bt land was sighted by the crew in the mast, changing the foremast topgallant sail back after repairs. At the time no wind at all. In the afternoon a light breeze from the Northeast.

A last time trawling for plastic and plankton. Channel fever starts already a bit. Our intended anchorage bay tomorrow is cancelled, due to restrictions. What a cracker, now we will anchor off Punto Cracker tomorrow afternoon.

Rgds, Arian

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