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What will the Drake Passage bring?

Hello all,

POS: 57*55,92 S 64*46.02 W
COG: Sailing Close haul with a full moon and the Southern Cross.
SOG: 6,8

WND: NW 4-6 bft

During the last weeks I have been curiously looking at the weather forecasts and the run of the depressions and high-pressure systems down south.

What would the Drake passage bring me this year on the way down south?

High rough Seas with all weather gods playing their instruments to
thunder or a more gentle Jazzy run to start with going South?

While stepping onboard I met a very welcoming atmosphere and her
enthusiastic and eager crew. It's always a great pleasure to come back.

After a few days of preparations and carrots packed away, We welcomed the guests and departed from Ushuaia with a light breeze and a cheeky sun.

This time the Sun was playing hideout with mummy and daddy clouds and
many baby clouds followed. You can imagine it's a beautiful sight to sail along the High Cliffs and Steep Mountains of Argentina to the North and Chile down South.

The Pilot was cheerfully at the wheel and all the guests went for their
first climbing lesson up the rig.

By the evening we left the Beagle channel with a light Northerly wind.
"Course 180, Let's bring Bark Europa in the right position for the wind
to arrive on the 22nd."

On the 22nd, by the afternoon, the breeze picked up. Sails everywhere were unfurled and hoisted. The sun went to sleep and the moon took over.

It's dark just now,
The moon and stars are out.
The guests point out the Southern Cross.
They steer the vessel through the night
Bark Europa does a steady 7-8 knots.
All are happy
I am happy

Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

Photo by Arnoud Apituley

Written by:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain



It is wonderful to "be on board", thank you very much, Fosse, Ingrid (Friedrichs wife)

Ingrid, Felix, Nina und Ingo  |  24-02-2024 13:17 uur

Thank you Fosse I am also happy

margriet  |  23-02-2024 11:05 uur

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