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White Watch impressions of Drake Passage

None of our watch have ever sailed to Antarctica so we were all really excited to start our voyage from Ushuaia but we also knew the reputationof ‘The Drake’ for stormy weather.    

Indeed our first night was a rough one with many people sea sick and the remainder of our watch having to cover all our duties including steering and keeping look out in heavy seas. It was quite tough.  `

The next day the sea calmed down, the sun came out and the sails went up and so did our spirits. The rest of our passage across The Drake has been just beautiful. 

Everyone has now recovered and we are settled into the routine of the ship, learning the ropes from the crew and learning about Antarctica from our guides.

In one more day we will arrive at our first stop of South Shetlands.

The food on board is great as are the crew and we are all eagerly anticipating the next stage of our adventure on Bark Europa.

Written by:
Keith Greenfield | Voyage Crew - White Watch Leader

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