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Between the frequent showers

By: Jordi Plana

Sailing on good weather and fair winds between the frequent showers upon crossing the North Sea As the day starts, the sun rising on our Portside contrasts with the dark squalls growing on Starboard. From then on, scarred...

August 2021

Good sailing under fair NW-ly breeze

By: Jordi Plana

During the whole day, the fair winds blowing from the NW by N, backing and veering back and forward to NW-ly, pull us on a good SSW course at 6.5 to 8 kn of speed. Averaging 17 to 18kn, the strong steady breeze picked up and...

Changing our tack

By: Jordi Plana

With a Low Pressure system catching up and overhauling our path, our course was turning on a NW direction. That made for changing our tack in the afternoon. Like that, when the new watch came up, we wore ship, and stood on...

Departure from the Lowlands

By: Jordi Plana

Sailors and rest of crew have been running the maintenance of the ship for long time since she was riding the waves on a long voyage. Routine broken not so long ago with a week-sail with college students as a first experience...

July 2021

Our first visit to the Norwegian fjords

By: Jordi Plana

Stavanger had been our first visit to the Norwegian fjords and towns that pepper their shores; Lysefjord, the neighbour and famed inlet for its beauty and large cliffs is our next stop. By the morning coffee time, mooring...

Summer day under light airs in the North Sea

By: Jordi Plana

Sunshine, warm temperatures, calm seas and light breeze backing gradually from SSW-ly to  SE-ly were the trademark of the day. Gently blowing from our back, Europa tries to keep some speed towards the North and...