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Out of our time

By: Roger Davies

After several days of light winds and clear air, a mist encloses the Europa as we sail south. The mist changes the atmosphere in more ways than one as it thickens, giving us a strange, limited and constrained world bounded...

Good sailing with Northerly winds

By: Jordi Plana Morales

The good winds and calm sea conditions had been with us during the whole day. Europa sails close to downwind until the night, on a straight course towards Falkland Islands. All squares are set, together with Outer Jib and the...

Sailing in another man's shoes

By: unknown

It is many years since I have got up to get dressed from a strange bed in the middle of the night. Last night this was the requirement for the night watch.  First, a turn on the helm, with Europa being in a...

Plan A! and plan B, and also Plan C

By: Fosse Fortuin

Lat 39 56.3 S Long 058 47.8 W COG 215 SOG 4.5 Weather good to very good. Sunny and bright ful moon at night. Time for an update. Last week we landed safely in Montevideo, Uruguay. The city had a very ...

November 2017


By: Roger Davies

It is dark, late at night, barely a star visible and no moon. A cold night. Off the portside suddenly, three smooth objects in the sea streaking at speed towards the ship, like torpedoes. These muscled munitions are rockets...

Calm seas and fair winds

By: Jordi Plana Morales

The calming winds and flattening seas allowed us for a nice sailing and to keep going with the down rigging of the gear that the Europa will not use during the Antarctic season. Like this during the morning, the Studding sails...

A busy night watch

By: Jordi Plana Morales

During a busy night watch, all our canvas is set and the engines that had been roaring yesterday, are finally stopped. Before dawn, the Europa sails on a 210º course at about 4 to 5kn, braced on Port Tack. The wind had...

Sailing to the Falklands

By: Jordi Plana Morales

As the wind backed during the night and lost strength, it was pretty busy on deck for a few hours during last night, taking square sails away and furling them. Time to start the engines to keep a reasonable speed toward our...

The start of the Antarctic season!

By: Klaas Gaastra

So we started our Antarctica season on the 1st of November in the port of Montevideo by welcoming 30 new Voyage crew/Guest.  Our voyage will bring us first to the Falkland Islands or Malvinas for some other...