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Departure from Ushuaia

By: Jordi Plana Morales

8th February 2018  DEPARTURE FROM USHUAIA, BEAGLE CHANNEL AND ENTERING THE DRAKE PASSAGE. The day started full of expectation for our imminent departure southwards to Antarctica. And it was around breakfast time...

A calm night

By: Sarah Gerats

The night is the calmest night in many days, which is celebrated until  late at night. We heave anchor just before 07:00 – so we are ready to  leave when the pilot comes on board. We are only 16 miles...

Flying towards Cape Horn

By: Sarah Gerats

Flying towards Cape Horn. All well. This morning I overheard one of the voyage crew say 'we al hoped we would experience a stormy Drake – but now it is enough'. The last 24 hours have been fast, wet and...

February 2018

we are flying towards Cape Horn

By: Sarah Gerats

The wind did calm down a bit during the night, but we are not going much slower – we are flying towards Cape Horn. All is well. We do some wet bracing in the morning - after which Sarah gives a lecture about...

A calm day on the Drake

By: Sarah Gerats

A calm day on the Drake. In the morning Sarah talks about the race to the South Pole, and in the afternoon Belen tells us about the biology of marine mammals. There is some splicing going on, and grommets are made. It...

Back to the Drake

By: Michelle Purkiss and Seth Hertz

So I start this entry sliding back and forth across the seat in the  library again. Due to a nasty weather system we have needed to cut off  our last landing and head back to the Drake via the Bismarck Strait...

January 2018

On our way North

By: Sarah Gerats

And so, we are suddenly back on the Drake. During the night we put up  the rest of the sails and we are making good speed in the right  direction. It is a bit foggy and wet, but the sea is relatively calm. ...

Port Lockroy and Dorian Bay

By: Sarah Gerats

After our visit to Port Lockroy we are all back on board just in time  for lunch. Instead of leaving straight away we stay at anchor for a bit  – talking through the further plans for our voyage. At two...