Weddell sea

By: Peer

Als iedereen zich weer heeft afgedroogd na het gebadder in het vulkanische as en water van Deception Island, gaat men de opbrengsten bekijken die gefilmd en gefotografeerd zijn. 

February 2017

Dankjewel! (Big Thanks)

By: Joram

The journey to Antartica was supposed to be the adventure of our lifetime. Having such modest expectations is usually not a good thing, since generally reality cannot meet up to such expectations. However, this trip with the...

January 2017
December 2016

First Icebergs

By: Jordi

Another typical day in the Southern ocean, with heavy weather and wind changes and lot of wildlife around. Prions, Giant Petrels; Grey headed, Light Mantled, Black browed and Wandering albatrosses, a solitary Skua and several...

November 2016

Fata Morgana Australis

By: Saco

And there we are, in cold Antarctic waters. We've seen our first iceberg this afternoon. If you've spotted one, there may be some more. So now, during dog watch, we are on the lookout for icebergs or growlers. Everybody...