Weddell sea

By: Peer

Als iedereen zich weer heeft afgedroogd na het gebadder in het vulkanische as en water van Deception Island, gaat men de opbrengsten bekijken die gefilmd en gefotografeerd zijn. 

Not like any other rock

By: Annukka

We are approaching Cape Horn, and wondering what is it that makes us so enthusiastic to see this rock. It is not the highest, most impressive mountain we ever saw; it does not have a snow-covered summit that rises above the...

February 2017

Three Early Thoughts

By: Pete

Firstly, as a lifelong birdwatcher for the last 50 years plus, seeing my first albatross is rather like (was it the poet Keats?): "Then felt I like some watcher of the skies when a new planet swims into his ken"

Dankjewel! (Big Thanks)

By: Joram

The journey to Antartica was supposed to be the adventure of our lifetime. Having such modest expectations is usually not a good thing, since generally reality cannot meet up to such expectations. However, this trip with the...

Where are we?

By: Sytze Kingma

I am in the top of the main mast of EUROPA, bedazzled by ice scapes all around. "Overhead the Albatros hangs motionless upon the air", Pink Floyd echoes in my ear. Where am I? "Fin del mundo" -- End of the world -- many...

January 2017

Whales in Hughes Bay

By: Charles Odinot

The (few) pessimists among us already thought someone had forgotten to inform the whales we were coming as they had hardly shown themselves and then only at a distance. But in Hughes Bay, they were proven wrong! The early...