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First climbing at sea

By: Janke Kingma

Saturday 9th September 2017 39 22,9N 052 38,6W ST 06:32 SOG 6,5 COG 120 After steaming for 24 hours on a Southern course, the early morning of the 7th we set full sail, switched of the engines, and changed our...

September 2017

The first miles on the journey South

By: Janke Kingma

Monday afternoon 15:45 we departed Lunenburg, after a maintenance period of almost two weeks in the friendly town where we experienced great hospitality from a lot of people. Many came to wave Europa goodbye and after a...

Life in Canadian waters

By: Jelte Hibma

Heaving anchor at 5AM leaving our sheltered spot York Harbour. A  little rain, strong wind around the head land the start was promising,  but with the morningwatch coming up the wind died out floating around ...

August 2017

A day at the EUROPA

By: Jelte Hibma

After the thunder and the rain from yesterday today a comfortable warm  sun, blue sky's, a light wind and high pressure so stun'sls up on both  sides. A good chance to make pictures from the zodiac with groups...

Stunsails and Silence

By: Jelte Hibma

The final part of the Saint Lawrence around the headland of ‘Péninsule De La Gaspésie’, stars reflecting on the brackish water-mirror of the river. South of Ile D’anticosti the laurentian...

Farewell to the Niagara

By: Jelte Hibma

The Niagara sails back home to the lakes passing port of Quebec, to salute at 'Point à Carcy'. The Europa just saluted with the clear tone of her famous horn... Continuing her journey outward bound exploring the...

"Looking the cat out of the tree."

By: Monique

Arrived in Saguenay the Europa moors alongside her sistership the  Oosterschelde. Having a coffee I'm looking at the ship from the sailors  lounge. On the key there is a long row for the open ship this...

July 2017

It is like running a big house!

By: Raphael Houde Belle-Isle

The first impression I had when I got on board of the Bark Europa was  that of entering a movie scene. With its four decks all connected  together and wide open, its massive sails and its infinity of ropes,...