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By: Sarah Gerats

Some evenings it is almost impossible to go in and sit behind a computer to write about the day. Days are long here, they are light, they usually do not end. Whales. Ice. Up in the mast. Glacier. Brash ice. Icebergs....

Fort Point and Hannah Point

By: Sarah Gerats

Early in the morning we leave for Fort Point. Fort Point is a narrow  isthmus at the Southern end of Greenwhich Island. It is a little foggy  and slightly humid, as so often in the South Shetlands. The landing...

January 2018

Graham Passage

By: Sarah Gerats

The day started silently in Graham passage. The weather was good, clear and easy, and a nice wind was blowing through the channel. The channel is called after the ship 'Graham' that first passed the passage in 1922,...

An Antarctic Art Noir film

By: Michelle Lee Purkiss

It was a monochrome day today. We visited three points on Deception  Island (not a Point, a whole island) which is basically an island around  an active volcano under the sea. On a map it looks like a doughnut...

Fort Point, Hannah Point and Walker Bay

By: Michelle Lee Purkiss

Today we visited Fort Point (of Greenwich Island?); and Hannah Point and  Walker Bay on the same island.  Fort Point was the highlight of my day, and possibly the trip so far. I  think fur seal radio had...

Strike a pose

By: Michelle Lee Purkiss

Today we travelled to Desolation Island and Half Moon Island. At  Desolation Island we were greeted by several friendly chinstrap penguins  waving us in to shore. They don’t get many visitors and wanted to...

Just 10 miles to go

By: Sarah Gerats

574 miles since Ushuaia – and about 10 miles to go. Our evening meeting also means the end of our sea watches until we will head back into the Drake. We are now entering a quite unsurveyed area, where depths...