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Starting our way to Ushuaia

By: Jordi Plana Morales

The infamous Drake Passage welcomed us with clear skies, calm seas and light breeze, after blizzard conditions kicked us off the southern shores of Livingston Island. Europa starts her new day at around 04:00h, when the...

A Vision in the night

By: Andreas Kammel

We were coming to the end of our crossing of the Scotia Sea and I was coming to the end of the Dog Watch at about 4.00am when a shadowy vision started to materialize in the early morning haze. The shadow turned into a...

Yankee Harbour and Edinburgh Hill

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Following a combination of sailing and motor-sailing night across the Bransfield  Strait, we found ourselves entering through the narrow channel that gives access to the natural port of Yankee Harbour. In the early...

Sleep, Interrupted

By: Bin Chen

One of the shipboard duties is to wake people up in the middle of the night for the next watch.  Sleep is precious.  No one likes to be woken up for watch.  Especially dog watch (Midnight to 4AM).  I...

December 2017

Digital detox

By: Andy Coatsworth

I had told my friends that I would be sailing on a tall ship to Antarctica and that I would have no internet, no email, and no Facebook for over 5 weeks. Europa would be a clinic administering a digital detox. The...

Marianne's Friday soup

By: Roger Davies

On this ship there is no Saturday, there are yards to tighten, No Sunday, dawn enough to enlighten, No Monday, the West wind blows, No Tuesday, the setting sun glows No Wednesday, there are sails to haul No...

Antarctic Sound-Weddell Sea

By: Jordi Plana Morales

What started like a gale force windy day, ended up with a great landing at Brown Bluff in calm conditions. In the evening we enjoyed the Sinter Klaas celebration. Europa finally rejoices a great sailing night, as we cross...